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Sydney, November 8th 2016
Melbourne, November 24th 2016

BidEnergy MasterClasses 2016

Join us as we stage our final round of MasterClasses for 2016.

Technology has become a major player in the delivery of energy management. The emerging capability to automate energy data is a game-changer for multi-site companies looking to master their energy spend, while creating new energy-driven opportunities within their organisations.

Be a part of this free Masterclass and you’ll be able to make immediate improvements to your category plan, with measurable benefits.

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Brisbane, October 2
Melbourne, October 13
Sydney, October 27
Auckland, November 10
London, November 19

Master the Energy Category in one day

The energy category is one of the most complex and demanding spend areas for most businesses. It's hard to understand, difficult to negotiate and even trickier to measure and monitor. BidEnergy, a leading advisor, has applied technology to the procurement challenges in energy and transformed the complexity into an opportunity to reduce risk and generate real savings - quickly and efficiently.