If you are a multi-site organisation you now have
a cloud based platform
to manage the energy spend category

Our customers manage the entire source
to pay process on one platform, allowing them to move
beyond tenders and reverse auctions to an advanced sourcing
approach that delivers significant incremental cost savings

Additional benefits include :

Reduction in the time taken to access accurate and complete energy data anytime

Reduction in time to prepare data for a competitive bid process

Reduction in time to generate an accurate budget/forecast

Reduction in time to validate and pay an invoice

Our platform gives you real-time visibility into your spend data,
makes you self-reliant, and
gives your stakeholders the insight they require

All your energy data captured on one cloud based platform

"My energy spend data is always
accurate and accessible on my App"

Minimal energy expertise required to use the platform

"I can now create an accurate spend forecast (budget)
at the touch of a button."

What our customers are saying
about the platform

“I can login to the platform at any time and see all my data in one spot

The data on the platform is continuously checked to make sure it is accurate and complete”

I can go to market at anytime knowing my data is always ready to go”

The platform is fully integrated into my payment systems, I don’t see any bills”

The bid process is very fast, very thorough and very competitive. The platform allows me to see the whole market, to evaluate offers from all the suppliers and to look at every possible supply configuration at the touch of a button.”

I am not reliant on any third party to give me answers, to generate reports or to give me access to my data, it is all on the platform”

I can now create an accurate spend forecast(budget) at the touch of a button ”

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